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What to expect when working with an architect

Your home is an incredibly important asset to your family. It’s a place you can transform into a home of your own. It’s a personalised hub that is filled with important family memories and moments. But how can working with an architect help?

You want to do it right, don’t you? Whether you’re planning a major alteration, extension or building a brand new home for your family – an architect can be a key part of your build journey. Even the smallest of mistakes could equate to huge out-of-control costs that could delay, or worse yet, ruin your building project. 

Don’t risk it! It may be time to start working with an architect. But, how does it work? What can you expect? We cover all bases so you’ll feel well equipped when it comes to hiring an architect.

What does an architect do?

There is a huge difference between hiring an architect and hiring a good one. There are multiple traits that make up a good architect, including good communication skills and an understanding of their client’s situation. An understanding of their client’s needs will enable a talented architect to design in a way that both exceeds their expectations and satisfies their practical needs.

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When working with anyone, in any industry, being on the same page is imperative to the work’s success. Before you get started on your project, allowing an architect to get to know you and your family’s needs will be a major benefit.

For example, an architect will want to know the details surrounding:

  • How your family lives and works
  • Where you spend your time the most
  • What your daily living pattern looks like

All of this information will help an architect to build an image in their mind that matches your family’s routine and living style. Whether you’re a muddy-boots-wearing family or one more likely to be cooking up a storm in the kitchen together, they’ll help you bring your perfect home to life.

In terms of architectural services, a good chartered architect will…

  • Advise and help you create your brief – also known as your ‘wish list’, as a family. 
  • Incorporate innovative design solutions that not only work for your family as a whole, but also achieve permission upon the first submission. This will save you time, money and stress.
  • Prepare said drawings and documents to submit for planning approval.
  • Prepare technical drawings for Building Control Approval.
  • Give advice where possible on consultants and contractors.
  • Plus much more, including helping you manage time, the process and any issues that may arise.

Why hire an architect

As well as receiving professional insight, solutions and incredible design, hiring an architect will make the process feel a hell of a lot easier. They will be able to explain and answer any questions you may have, giving you total peace of mind when it comes to your build.

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Bringing an architect on board can be a huge decision for some. Especially when you have your heart set on a range of things! However, an architect can help you to pull that vision together and bring it to life – both in design and functionality.

Budget awareness 

Hiring an architect will enable you to gain an understanding of the costs involved. Construction costs can be overwhelming, and your budget can quickly spiral out of control. Many homeowners choose to use our budget cost service so that they can receive a complete breakdown of their build, and see exactly where their money is going.

A good architect will understand your budget, your needs and your build’s scope, in order to deliver a professional outcome. In short, hiring an architect (or a building cost estimator, like us!) will add value. This expert knowledge and experience will keep your building project on the right path, helping you to achieve the home of your dreams.

Questions to ask your architect before starting

What services do you offer?

For some homeowners, they’re looking for complete project management. In order to find the right architect for your build, you need to decide how much involvement you require. Speak to a couple of architects to understand the extent to which they can manage your building project. 

How do you charge?

This is an important one to get you started, in order to understand the costs involved. The way that architects charge can depend on the project’s complexity. Some charge by the hour, a day rate, a fixed price and so on. So, it’s important to bring this cost into your project’s budget. 

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Do you already work with any specific builders?

Some architects work closely with specific builders and contractors. Employing a team can benefit you greatly when they have worked together previously.

When will you be available to meet?

If you’re working full time, it can be tricky to fit in meetings with an architect. As long as you don’t mind communicating outside of ‘office hours’, there is usually a way around tricky schedules. Be sure to have their full contact details in case you need to reach them.

Things to remember

You may already have a set idea in mind, but it’s important to remain open to suggestions and ideas. Building projects have a certain level of flexibility involved – in order to achieve a successful build to a realistic budget. 

Be open to professional suggestions!

Working with Nest Estimating to achieve your build

We work closely with architects to produce accurate building cost estimates. These estimates help to keep both your build and your budget on track.

If you’re interested in receiving a cost estimate for your dream home, get in touch with our team to find out how.

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