What We Do

We are independent building cost estimators, helping you save time and money on your building projects.

Accurate cost estimates for residential and commercial builds.

We work closely with builders, developers, architects, self-builders and homeowners to provide accurate building cost estimates.

Here are just a few examples of build projects we provide estimates for:

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How we help

Independent advice

Providing an honest and equal service is incredibly important to us. As independent cost estimators, we provide the same service across the board, with no affiliations to any one company or individual.

Industry knowledge

With a combined team experience of over 40 years within the industry, we have worked on both residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

Current rates

With access to a live material database, we live-link these costs within our estimates alongside local labour rates. This ensures our build cost estimates are as accurate as possible according to your region.

Easy to read reporting

We take great pride in providing our cost estimates in an easy to read, logical format, detailing individual build phases with a brief description of inclusions. Further reports are available, breaking down labour, materials and plant.

Who do we work with?

At Nest Estimating, we provide professional construction cost estimating to a diverse range of clients.

No matter how small or large the project, we can provide an estimating solution to meet your needs.

Services we provide

Build Cost Estimates

Estimate (decorator, electrician, homeowner, self-builder, contractor, merchant, architect, builder)

Price Recalculations

Project not started right away? After using our estimating service, we can recalculate your costs in line with current material and labour prices.

Budget Cost Estimate

Typically aimed at projects at the earliest stage of the design phase, where you may only have planning or outlined drawings to work from.

Bill Of Quantities

We can provide a breakdown of quantities for your build project, listed out via build phase in the order that they would be required.

Build Programme

A breakdown of build phases with estimated build times in a Gantt chart format, to help you manage your build.

Completion of Schedule of Works

We can complete a schedule of works, if required, as part of a tender pack.

Resource Reports

We can provide a breakdown of key resources (labour, materials and plant) in a separate report to help you manage your build.

Take Off Service

The take off process involves reviewing project plans and providing a measured take off using Bluebeam.

How it works

Want to know more about how we calculate building costs? Find out more about our process and what to expect on our ‘How it works’ page.

Who We've Worked With

Nest Estimating clients

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, of course. We can work on both residential and commercial. Both of these are dependent on the information provided at the time of enquiry.

Due to the nature of our work and the variables involved in every project, our cost estimates are priced on application. As an example, a new build estimate for a property of 200 to 250 m² would equate to £400. Of course, there are variables to take into account.


Typically, our turnaround time sits between 7 to 10 working days. This can depend on current workload, however, you will be kept in the loop at all times, with a timeframe available on the bottom of our quote.

No. We don’t believe in turning cost estimates around in this timeframe, as it is unrealistic for us to manage our ongoing workload. Unlike other online estimating services, we do all of our work in-house, dedicating time to each project for the utmost accuracy.

If we think a site visit is required, we will include the option within our quote. You can also request for a site visit if you feel it is necessary.

We are based in Southampton, offering build cost estimating services in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and beyond. Since we do not need to be local to your area in order to deliver a cost estimate for your project, we can across the whole of the UK.

We have access to average local labour rates, and, as mentioned below, we have a live material database. This means that our estimates are as accurate as possible, without going to a specific local builder.

We have access to an online material database, which allows us to track and monitor material prices every 24 hours. These are live linked into our estimates, so you can rest assured you will receive the most accurate material prices at the time.

Yes, we can! If you have used our service and received an estimate in our standard format, we can recalculate the estimate based on the most up to date material prices and regenerate it for you. This can be done in 5 working days. (Please note: This does not include bespoke schedule of works that have been completed separately.)

Yes, we do. We can offer build programmes on projects that we have provided estimates in our standard format for.

Yes, we can. However, this will be classed as a budget estimate.