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Our Story

Welcome to Nest Estimating Ltd, you’ve found us because you have a need for a build cost estimating service, this may be a regular service you need or a one-off. 

We were founded in 2014 and then became a limited company in 2017, we had a clear vision back then which today has only grown stronger, our vision was to provide a build cost estimating service with a difference. So how are we different? We decided to focus our service around building relationships with our clients, taking the time to understand your needs and offer more than just build costs.

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How we can help you

Whether you are building a new house, extending an existing or converting a loft, we can help you understand the costs and specifications of the project taking into account current labour, material and plant rates in your area.

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Managing your client’s expectations around cost can sometimes be a challenging one. No one project is the same, and building design is becoming more and more bespoke. To have a build cost estimating service, you can work with can only be a positive for both you and your client.

As a builder, your time is precious, you’re often struggling to juggle managing your current workload and securing your next job, alongside all the other tasks of running a business. By working with Nest you can alleviate some of those tasks. We get to know you and your business to offer a regular, reliable Estimating service.

Through our estimation services, we aim to give homeowners the tools and confidence to take on any project to build, extend or convert their home. This starting point will provide some financial peace of mind moving forward. You will get a detailed report based on your specification, which will have estimated costs based on current labour, material and plant rates priced per build phase.

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We work closely with property investors looking to maximise their profit with the help of build cost estimating and project management.

This means their latest property project stays on track, on budget, and with maximum profit margins, freeing up their time from liaising with contractors. 

Four things you may not know...


Kyle started in the building industry at the age of 8 by helping his Dad and two friends Nobby & Tony build several garden walls at their family home.


Our office is located in an old flour mill, so lunches at Mrs Potts by the River are very tranquil (and well recommended!).


We offer project management to builders, developers & self-builders who use our estimating service in Hampshire.


We have a tea chest with over 20 different types of tea, one for every mood and every occasion.