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Cost estimating for builders and developers.

You’re a busy builder or developer, so your time is money. How long does it take, and how much does it cost you, to source materials and plan budgets for your builds? 

You can put a stop to spiralling project costs and lost time by estimating early. You’ll be able to plan accurate budgets in advance without taking time out of your day.

cost estimating for builders and developers

How we work…

Our great relationships with some of the most prominent building merchants mean that you’ll be preparing a sound budget and be making savings by having access to a number of different suppliers who you might not have considered before.

By estimating early, you’ll ensure that your profit margin stays where it’s meant to be without having to worry about the details.


Get your project underway in no time by sending us your plans via our contact form or giving us a call.


We will send you a quote for our service. When accepted, we will book your job in with our team.


Once we start looking through your job, it may be necessary to contact you to clarify some points.


You will receive your estimate along with a follow up phone call to answer any questions you may have.

How we work...

Are you a builder or developer in need of an estimating service?

We work closely with a wide range of builders and developers, offering services to both one-off projects and long term investments. Nest Estimating supply estimates quickly and efficiently, to keep your project on track. Find out more below on how we work within this sector.

Merchants & Builders
architect cost estimating services

Save time.

Our cost estimating services for builders and developers are efficient, affordable and can be supplied with a quick turnaround – saving you the time and headache associated with chasing costs and following potentially inaccurate information.

save money building cost estimating architects

Save money.

We understand that you’re often pushed for time when it comes to finding a cost for your customer. Our cost estimating service helps to save you time and money, so you can get on with the build and move onto the next in no time.

architect cost estimating services

Happy customers.

Here at Nest Estimating, your satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We go above and beyond to provide cost estimates in fine detail, saving the hassle of backward-and-forward communications from all parties.

cost estimating services for builders

Find solutions, fast.

No matter what your situation, you’re visiting our website because you’re looking for a solution. The problem you’re trying to solve can vary greatly, and we understand that. It could be as simple as ‘I hate sitting behind a desk crunching numbers’, you’re not making enough money or more importantly, you don’t have the time. The list is endless – which is why contractors like you reach out to us.

We’ve worked hard to help create a balance for our contractors. We know the importance of looking the part and having the correct information to present to your clients. Often, this can be quite daunting. If you’ve ever received an estimate and had endless reports to read through, with uncertainty where to begin – You’re not alone.

Cost estimating services.

Estimates are always different. But what makes it tricky is receiving gallons of information versus a single page with little information and plenty of questions from your client. In line with these common concerns, we’ve decided to simplify things for everyone, and the results have been remarkable.

We now create a customer-facing report that logically goes through a build as you would build it, making it easier to read and understand for both you and your client.

cost estimating for developers
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How our cost estimating has changed.

  • We’ve ditched the endless pages of numbers and costs because the feedback we had was that people felt overwhelmed.
  • We now simply provide a breakdown by build phase with a brief description of what’s included, with a single cost.


Both our direct clients and their clients seem to love the simplified approach. That’s not to say that we can’t still provide you with a Resource report, listing out: Labour, Materials, Plant and any other costs associated with the project.

We can also provide you with a Profit report listing where you’ll be making your money or a bill of quants. 

So, why the simple approach?

How many times do you hear, ‘do the basics right and keep things simple’? We know that building projects are complex enough… Why do we then need to complicate things further with reams and reams of data that rarely gets looked at? Our clients want to feel confident in what they are presenting, and their clients want to feel confident in what’s covered. Having reams of data can sometimes feel like your trying to solve a Rubik’s cube… Which is why our new approach simplifies the process and makes answering client questions a breeze. 

The feedback from clients is that our estimates are easy to read, informative and logical.

Our clients are seeing growth in their businesses and are securing more work.

When you have confidence in what you’re presenting to a customer it makes a big impression, and this is one of the reason’s we are seeing our clients secure more work. After all, confidence increases sales….. And people buy from people.


All projects priced on application, please submit your drawings for an accurate quotation
£ 70 Starting from... (+VAT)
  • Small Extensions £70
  • Medium Extensions £140
  • Large Extensions POA

New Builds

All projects priced on application, please submit your drawings for an accurate quotation
£ 175 Starting from... (+VAT)
  • Small Projects £175
  • Medium Projects £280
  • Large Projects POA


All projects priced on application, please submit your drawings for an accurate quotation
£ 140 Starting from... (+VAT)
  • Small Projects £140
  • Medium Projects POA
  • Large Projects POA


All projects priced on application, please submit your drawings for an accurate quotation
£ 140 Starting from... (+VAT)
  • Small Projects £140
  • Medium Projects POA
  • Large Projects POA

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