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When you work with an estimator, you’ll receive an accurate cost estimate – broken down into the finest of detail. We ensure that you understand exactly where your build budget is going, so you can get on with building the home of your dreams.

There is nothing worse than endless revisions, out of control material costs and constant hurdles when it comes to your house build. When you work with Nest Estimating, we help to keep your costs from spiralling out of control.

Why hire an estimator for your next building project


Get your project underway in no time, send us your plans via our contact form.


Straight forward and easy to understand, we’ll have our quote back to you asap.


We will compile your estimate and send it back to you when it’s finished.

Follow up.

We like to follow up on projects where possible and hear your thoughts!

We don't believe in budget guesswork

When you’re building your dream home, working on a renovation or even an extension – both your time and money is precious. You wouldn’t guess the budget required for something like a wedding, so why guess your way to your dream build? You wouldn’t! We take the guesswork out of working out your build budget, including costs for materials, labour, contingency and everything in between.

With every cost estimate, we produce an accurate breakdown of all the costs involved, so you can get your building project underway in no time.


How to get a building cost estimate

We’ll have your estimate back to you pretty swiftly! First, send us your plans via our contact form, with us as much information possible. We’ll then be in touch if we need more information before we prepare your cost estimate and follow up with any questions you may have. Unlike automated ‘estimate services’, our extremely talented team work independently on your estimate – so you’ll never be passed from pillar to post.

Working with Nest Estimating

We often get asked, “who do you work with?” we work within the following:

But why work with Nest Estimating?

Well, we take great pride in providing excellent customer service alongside our accurate cost estimates. No matter the size of the project, we have the estimating solution to meet your needs. We believe that our independent building cost estimates are both competitive and profitable, giving you the guidance to move forward with your building project.

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