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Extending your home: How to maximise your space

Wondering how to maximise your home’s space? Extensions can boost your home’s space and value, making a big impact on your home. A small house extension is by no means any less valuable and can be a great addition to your living space. 

Whether you’re adding a modest loft extension, a small single storey extension or a side return extension, when done right they can prove incredibly valuable. 

We take a look into how extending your home can benefit you and your family, whether you’re looking for extra room or to add value.

Extending your home for your family

During lockdown, we all wished we had a little extra space. Whether you were looking to combine households to avoid missing one another, or needing some extra breathing room for your home’s usual occupants.

Extending your property can not only add value in the long run, but it can also make a huge difference if you’re feeling as though you’re outgrowing your home.

House extensions could mean an extra bedroom, open living space or even a conservatory. Of course, it’s totally up to you how you achieve this new addition!

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In-roof loft conversions

Although predominantly extended for an extra bedroom (and often with a small en-suite bathroom), loft conversions are a great space for a whole range of things. Such an addition could be a children’s playroom, games room or even a cosy snug. 

Depending on the size of your home and the intended in-roof loft conversion, permitted development rights may cover this type of build. This would then save you the hassle of applying for planning permission.

If you’re struggling to determine the costs involved for your loft conversion project, we’d be happy to help you work with your budget.

Single-storey side or small rear extension

A single-storey extension is a fantastic way to add extra living space in your home, to better suit your family’s lifestyle.

When it comes to spending time with the family, open plan living can make a massive difference to your lifestyle. Sought after by potential buyers, extra space can be a huge selling point if you decide to sell your home at a later date.

A new single-storey extension makes for a great utility room too. Plus, much like in-roof loft conversions, your permitted development rights frequently cover this type of building project.

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Side return or rear extension 

A side return extension or a rear extension make for the perfect open plan living or kitchen and dining area. This option can transform an existing narrow room into one that’s spacious and full of light.

Before deciding to extend at the back of your home, it’s important to consider your garden space. If you’re looking for a dining area that opens right out into the fresh air, this could be your perfect choice!

house extension home office

Extending for office space 

Although it’s important to utilise your living space for your family as a whole, extending your home for the sole purpose of creating an office can make a huge difference.

During lockdown, plenty of us quickly learned what it was like to work remotely. Instead of eating into your home environment, a dedicated workspace can work wonders. Having a dedicated workspace reduces distractions and allows us to work more productively. 

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Where we may have previously felt we had enough room in our homes, when it becomes your workplace too it can quickly start to feel cramped.

If you’re considering extending your home to introduce a fully functional office space into your home, we’ve got a few tips.

  • Although so far we’ve been discussing extensions… It’s always worth reviewing your existing space. Is there anything that can be done to utilise the space?
  • Always ensure that your building project complies with building regulations. Although you may get away without planning permission, it’s best to be wary.
  • Consider your garden area. If you don’t want to eat into your garden for an extension, look at other options available.
  • If you’re unsure on the best route to creating an office space – speak to builders, estimators (yes, us!) and architects too.

Contemplating building a conservatory?

Building a conservatory is a great way to enjoy extra space within your home, while having easy access to your garden. They are popular for large families, socialising with friends, or even those who just love listening to the rain.

Of course, when it comes to any extension or building project, you need to weigh up the pros and cons.

We’ve got a few reasons why a conservatory may benefit you and your home!

house extension conservatory

They let in light

Take advantage of the light all year round without having to face the cold. We all know the extra sunlight is good for us, as well as the fresh air. There’s no better feeling than the ability to have easy access to the outside world, all while being able to sit and relax indoors.

Extra room

Whether you’re a growing family looking for a playroom space or you simply want an extra space to relax – conservatories make for great studies, dining area or a space to entertain.

Make good use of your garden

Many of us don’t use our patios or outside space to their full capability! What better way to make good use of the garden than a permanent extra room to relax in?

Choose a conservatory that suits your home

Conservatories come in all shapes, sizes and colours. So you can rest assured you can choose a style that suits the character of your property.

The possibilities are endless for making your conservatory truly yours.

They double up as a greenhouse

If you’re a bit of a green thumb, owning a conservatory can have its perks. When the weather turns cold, you can easily sow seeds on the windowsills! 

Take advantage of the conservatory’s sun and get growing (or buying) those plants that adore tropical climates!

Why extend your home in the first place?

Extending your home is easier than you think. But of course, there are plenty of perks for doing so. Extending your current property means you avoid the hassle and cost of moving – but that’s not all.

Adding an extension, whether for an office space, bedroom, utility room – you name it – adds value and brings a whole world of space to your home.

Extending your home is easier than you think. But of course, there are plenty of perks for doing so. Extending your current property means you avoid the hassle and cost of moving – but that’s not all.

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Adding an extension, whether for an office space, bedroom, utility room – you name it – adds value and brings a whole world of space to your home.

When buying a home, we often don’t think about the long term. It isn’t until you live in a property that you may wish there was just a little extra space. Now there can be! You can decide exactly what to do with your new extension, giving you total control of the design.

Looking to get started on your extension?

If you’re eager to get your building project underway, we can help. Many homeowners are unsure of the costs involved. We offer accurate building cost estimates that break down the entire build cost – so you know exactly where your money is going.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our helpful team and let’s get that build underway.

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