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Projects you can do without planning permission

Apart from the obvious lick of paint or a new carpet, there is a range of projects you can get started on without the need for planning permission. Yep, that’s right, there are projects you can do without planning permission.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home for a little extra sale appeal or simply looking to add extra living space – permitted development can be a homeowner’s best friend.

It might come as a pleasant surprise to see just how much you can achieve without the need of applying for planning permission. 

So, what can you get started on?

Projects that don’t require planning permission

converting your loft space add value

Convert your loft

In a recent blog of ours, we talked about why you should consider converting your loft, and there has never been a better time to consider such a project.

Homeowners convert their loft for a number of reasons, both to bring extra space and value to a snug home – utilising otherwise, let’s face it, wasted space. Converting your loft is usually pretty straightforward, with no need to apply for planning permission. 

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However, any extension undertaken as part of a loft conversion project should not be higher than the highest part of your roof. There are a few other restrictions in place, but it’s worth checking out the Planning Portal for more info. 

Something which may otherwise have been left to hold those things ‘you might need one day’ can quickly be turned around into a useful, cosy snug. Under permitted development rights, you can also add rooflights to brighten up the space. Rather than leave your loft to become a dusty storage space, make use of it.

Build a conservatory

Did you know, you can build a conservatory without planning permission? To qualify as permitted development, your conservatory must attach to the original dwelling and not a subsequent extension, however, it can become the perfect cosy space.

Many, these days, are using their conservatory space as offices, extra living rooms and play areas for the little ones – so why not consider a beautiful conservatory on your home?

house extension office space nest estimating

Single-storey extensions

Here’s another ‘did you know’ moment for you! Did you know, you can build storey-height additions to the back and sides of your house under PD rights. Larger versions up to 8m and 6m respectively are currently allowable in the UK, subject to a notification procedure. Side expansions can be up to half the width of the original building.

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Before you get building, however, it’s always worth consulting a cost estimator or architect, to ensure you’re meeting the correct PD restrictions. As you will be restricted in terms of ridge height (4m) and the amount of garden amenity you can cover – under PD rules.

Internal renovations – All-important bathrooms and kitchens

Renovating kitchens and bathrooms is a huge transformation for any home. Although it may seem obvious to mention, projects that are quick to tackle (and totally free from planning permission) are decorative internal renovations. This may be the addition of a new bathroom or kitchen, utilising your home’s space to accommodate your family. 

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It could be that you’re looking to switch rooms around (with all the plumbing and pipework involved!), and thankfully, there’s no planning permission required. The only exception to this is if you live in a listed or conservation building which protects your house in order for it to stay true to its original form.

If you’re looking to get a project underway, get in touch with our friendly estimating team to find out how we can help keep your budget on track.