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Common plot and planning mistakes to avoid

We all make mistakes, of course we do. But when those mistakes could turn into project-threatening mistakes, these common errors need to be identified early. Here are common plot and planning mistakes to avoid!

Assuming you’ll get planning permission

Each planning decision is based on a number of unique circumstances. This may include the planning history of the property, policies at the time of application and even the site’s immediate surroundings. These decisions can change so quickly, that relying on a neighbour or someone nearby receiving permission may not necessarily mean you will too.

Going overboard on your planning application

When making a planning application, there is no need to include every last detail. If you’re looking to build a detached house and garage, say just that. There’s no need to go into every last detail of how the house is going to be built.

Learn more on making a successful planning application.

Not knowing the area

In order to make an informed decision, you need to familiarise yourself with the area. Where possible, gather as much information to ensure you have all the facts. Check out Google Maps and take a look at Google Streetview to identify any gaps in the streetscene, potential backland plots and so on.

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With a little research, you may be pleasantly surprised what’s around in your area. Focus in on selected towns, villages or suburbs.

Buying land at auction

Not checking out auctions

Many forget that a great place to purchase your land is at an auction. Sadly, estate agents aren’t as keen on selling a plot of land as they are a house or flat – so if you do spot a plot you like, chase those agents up! The commission on land is not as attractive in comparison to houses, and so buying through an agent can often be forgotten. 

Get yourself down to some local auctions, and you may even grab yourself a steal of a plot.

Designing before you find the perfect plot

Finding the perfect plot can take time. It’s a big decision to make, and should definitely be treated as one. After all, this is where you’re going to design your dream build. Ideally, you should always find the plot first, allowing you to design your new home according to its unique shape and character. Otherwise, hunting for a plot to suit your pre-designed build could lead to an utter headache. 

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Think of your design and plot as puzzle pieces. If one doesn’t fit the same size and shape of the other, you’re going to be left frustrated! So don’t rush into designing your new home before you find a suitable plot.

plot planning
Finding the perfect plot

Trying to play the ‘green’ card

Gone are the days where only some houses were considered green homes. However, under the latest Building Regulations, all new housing has to achieve a pretty high level of sustainability. Think of it a bit like cars – we’re going greener and greener. 

Given all the bells and whistles of sustainability, such as:

  • Thermally-efficient windows
  • High levels of insulation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Renewable energy
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It is now quite tricky to promise an eco home, when this is slowly becoming the norm. However! An exceptional new home may work in your favour, as the government-set National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) are more lenient towards a more innovative home being in an unusual placement if it were to hold such innovative and exceptional standards.

Not speaking to builders

Of course, you’ve probably spoken to builders about your house build – but have you considered asking local builders or construction companies to see what resides within their ‘land bank’?

Although builders may not be your natural allies when it comes to finding the perfect plot, there is always a deal to be made. Be warned, however, some builders may offer to sell you land as long as they also do the build. This could increase your build budget, or restrict your build vision.

Do you have concerns regarding your building cost and the perfect plot?

Finding a plot and planning your build is an exciting journey! But it can also go a little haywire if not planned properly. If you’re in need of building advice and require an accurate building cost estimate, get in touch with our team to find out more.

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