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How triple glazed windows benefit your home

Finding ways to make your dream home look perfect may seem easy, but what about how to make it feel perfect? By ensuring the efficiency and comfort of a house, most Scandinavian countries have decided to get rid of the double glazing, and opted for triple glazing instead.

Is it really worth it? The short answer is, yes. But what are the triple glazed windows benefits?

Feeling relaxed and comfortable inside is more important than ever. To ensure your new build or renovation is stress-free, we have highlighted some of the key benefits of opting for triple glazing.

triple glazed windows benefit your home

What is Triple Glazing?

We all know the double glazing technology – two panes of sturdy glass insulating a layer of condensed gas between them. These properties have worked wonders in energy preservation and noise reduction and have been a beneficial addition to homes all over the country. 

Triple glazing uses these effects to a higher standard, with three panes of glass insulating two layers of gas. Couple this with a thermally efficient frame, and even an optimised coating, and you have a truly remarkable window.

Double Glazing or Triple Glazing?

Whilst double glazing has seen a surge in popularity since the 1990s due to its noise and energy reduction technology. In recent studies testing the effect of thermal retention of triple glazing, it was found that triple glazing held significantly more heat in the winter months than double glazing.

However, don’t be deterred by summer temperatures, it also showed that triple glazing can regulate its temperature and that it held no more heat during July compared with November due to the reduction in solar energy. The effects of triple glazing will also be noticeable straight away, draughts will be gone, condensation will become a mere memory and outside noise will be dramatically reduced. 

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The full benefits of triple glazing will be most noticeable in a fully efficient building envelope. This isn’t to say that you must have a fully self-sufficient eco home to see rewards though, it just means that the additional use of high insulation levels elsewhere in the home will help you reap the financial rewards.


The efficiency of a heat retaining material is defined by the property’s U Value. To put this simply, it measures how effective a window can be in preventing heat travelling from the inside, to the outside of a property. The lower the U-value, the more efficient the material. 
The requirements for these have changed in the past 30 years as building regulations have become more strict on insulation performance.

To put this into perspective, in 1990, the general recommendation was for windows to have a U-value of 5.0. With the introduction of early double glazing, this measurement reduced to an average of 2.3-3 and with modern double glazing, this further fell to 1.2. Triple glazing will give you a U-value of 0.8 or less, which in comparison, shows its value.

Is it Cost-Effective? 

Triple glazing soars high above the Building Regulation Standards for energy efficiency too. With an average 20-25% of household heat being lost through doors and windows, it can reduce heating bills and carbon emissions significantly. Nest Estimating can help you understand the value given and also the most cost-effective installations for your property.  

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Surprisingly, the biggest cost to keep an eye out for is not the system itself, but the fittings required to hold it. As the addition of the third pane can add an appreciable weight, there needs to be ample support to avoid any structural repercussions. On the plus side, as most modern fittings are very reliable, this should rarely be an issue. 

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that the addition of triple glazing can significantly increase your household’s value. With more buyers keeping an eye out for low emission homes and more cost-efficient living, triple glazing can bump up appeal to any potential buyers.

How Eco-Friendly is it?

With energy running being the second highest contributor to greenhouse gasses, at more than 26%, it’s clear why more people are seeking ways to reduce their impact. The countless rewards of triple glazing are further pronounced by the mere aspect of being low maintenance. 

Once they’re installed, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are doing your part to reduce these figures without any additional efforts required. 

Does Triple Glazing Reduce Noise Pollution?

Good quality triple glazing can reduce noise penetration significantly. This is due to the simple fact that there are more air sealed pockets and panes for these vibrations to pass through. For a high quality standard triple glazing, you can expect a reduction of 5-10dB (decibels). There are many different options for thickness and coatings, so to get the best results, be sure to get an estimate for your project and area.  

Other Benefits of Triple Glazing

One key benefit of using triple over double glazing is a security measure. Due to the extra layers, triple glazing is incredibly hard to break and can act as a strong deterrent and increase household security. 

Another great bonus is that you don’t necessarily need to install it in all areas. Although this would undoubtedly give you the best results, there is still a benefit of including it in those areas that have the potential to lose the most heat. If you’re considering a loft conversion for example, triple glazing can minimise the air being lost through skylights or pitched roof windows, as heat rises through the house. 

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Alternatively, it’s worth considering installations in more exposed or north-facing windows, where heat retention is more important. 

The Finishing Touch to Your Home

Having a window that is sympathetic to the look of your home is also key to achieving your dream property. Whilst triple glazing retains the same thickness and light permission as double glazing, the visual differences of it are minimal.

You may have already renovated or extended your home, so if you’re looking to add in the finishing touches to a remarkable property, triple glazing is the way forward. 

Whether you’re looking to sell on, increase your efficiency or to create a truly serene environment, taking that extra step is definitely worth it. We know that finding the best options for you can seem daunting, so having a chat with one of our estimators can really help put things into perspective.

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