Martin Chambers

My partner and I are wanting to buy a property which requires significant work to make it what we want it to be. The team at Nest were able to provide just what we were looking for in a detailed breakdown of anticipated costs which will go a long way in helping us determine if its worth taking the plunge on the property in the first place. Money well spent!- Martin Chambers, Homeowner

Fact File - Martin Chambers

Why did the client get in touch?

The client had a fixed sum of money they could afford to spend on the build, and were conscious that they weren’t going to be able to afford what had been designed. They were struggling to think about taking the next step without having a clearer understanding of the budget.

What did we do for the client?

We worked with the Architect and client to put a specification together. We then went through the planning drawings and broke the build down into build phases, we used average local labour rates and current material prices to generate budget figures for each phase.

What did the client do with the Budget we produced?

Getting independent cost advise enabled the client to have a structured and informed discussion with their Architect, identifying key areas where they could make cost savings. After going through our report, the client felt confident that they could bring the project in on budget by making some compromises and reviewing areas that could be undertaken at a later date